Key Benefits of Dell’s Hyper-converged Infrastructure Solution

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Are you looking for a hyper-converged infrastructure solution for your company? You’re not alone. Many data center managers are doing the same thing. Hyper-convergence is among the hottest trends for deploying IT in the data center. And with good reason. It works.

Hyper-convergence is “an approach to ‘tidying up’ data center infrastructure, it’s a giant step in creating an infrastructure that’s more flexible and simpler to manage. What’s more, you can be built hyper-converged infrastructures using low-cost commodity x86 hardware, so they’re cost-effective.

Hyper-converged infrastructures use virtual machines as the building blocks of the IT environment. Other resources like — like storage, backup, replication, load balancing, and so on—support individual VMs.  So data center managers work with VMS as their focus and not the data center or their underlying services.

Benefits of Dell’s Solution

But with all the hyper-converged solutions out there, finding one that fits your needs is a challenge. One solution that should make your shortlist is Dell’s hyper-converged infrastructure solution. It offers a combination of benefits other solutions don’t offer—benefits that go well beyond those provided by hyper-convergence technology itself.

Dell’s solution combines full-featured storage, computing, and networking functions in one solution. Many companies like it because of its faster time to value and its ability to streamline IT operations, which boosts efficiency. These are benefits that many C-level executives want and appreciate given the demands of today’s marketplace.

Below is a list of additional benefits that Dell’s solution gives you:

  • Full-featured storage
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved scalability
  • Enhanced agility
  • Streamlined operations
  • Easy to deploy and maintain

In addition, Dell’s solution gives you a single-vendor support model. So you get one point of contact for the life of your solution and no pointing of fingers when something goes wrong. More important, a single vendor approach offers key economies of scale in procurement, operations, and approach.

Hyper-converged promises to make infrastructures simpler and easier to manage. Contact us and find out what that means for your company and how a hyper-converged solution fits your needs.


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