Application Testing

Application Testing

“We provide a full range of comprehensive application testing services to ensure that your application is of the highest quality.”

Application testing has become an indispensable component of the software development life cycle to produce a reliable application. Proper testing has also proven to significantly reduce the total development cost, as a bug that is not resolved initially is much more difficult to identify and fix at later stages.


That is why at Cxrus Solutions, we place a strong emphasis on application testing by establishing a dedicated software quality assurance team. We provide a comprehensive application testing service, where we will design a customized test plan with a complete set of test cases to ensure that your application is of the highest quality.


We are also capable of developing simulators to perform certain tests. This is required, especially for unit testing, where we will isolate a particular function of the application and develop the ideal drivers and stubs to verify it.


Specifically, our application testing services include:

  • Unit Test
  • Integration Test
  • Regression Test
  • User Acceptance Test