Cloud Practices

Cloud Practices

“We design the best cloud strategy for you – whether it is a brand new infrastructure, or migrating an existing infrastructure to the cloud.”

Your business is facing a new set of challenges today:

  • Increasing IT infrastructure cost with an ever-growing set of data.
  • Unpredictable web traffic patterns especially during campaigns.
  • An expectation for faster response time from demanding customers.

The flexibility of cloud or virtual infrastructure provides an ideal solution to these challenges.


Virtual infrastructure requires minimum upfront investment on hardware procurement, as the cloud follows a pay-per-use model or usage-based costing. This enables you to make a more efficient utilization of resources, by allocating additional infrastructure “just-in-time” when there is surge in traffic, and deallocating it when it is no longer required. This ensures that your application will always have a guaranteed uptime and respond within an acceptable timeframe.


Cxrus Solutions provides a cloud / virtual infrastructure consulting services to design the best cloud strategy for you. With our years of experience in virtual infrastructure, we implement the best practices and principles of cloud computing – whether it is a new infrastructure design, or migrating an existing infrastructure to the cloud.


Specifically, our cloud / virtual infrastructure services includes:

  • Infrastructure Design
  • Infrastructure Implementation
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Management