Load & Penetration Testing

Load & Penetration Testing

“We provide a full range of load and penetration tests to ensure your server is secure and well-prepared to handle peak traffic.”

In recent years, there has been a surge in web traffic due to the rise of mobile devices which provide a convenient access to the internet. With more and more people online now, there will be more users – which also means that if your servers are not well-prepared to handle the load, it will go down.


There is a need to ensure that your servers are setup to handle aggressive load projections. Cxrus Solutions provides a load and penetration testing service to achieve that, where we will conduct a series of tests based on a structured test plan.


Our testing coverage includes identifying the maximum number of concurrent users, as well as detection of memory leaks by applying a constant load over an extended period of time. These test cases are performed using special tools, and may be repeated over several cycles to ensure an accurate result.


Specifically, our load and penetration testing services include:

  • Performance Test
  • Consistent Load Test
  • Single Function Stress Test
  • Penetration Test