“We provide a real-time online ticketing solution complete with inventory management system, secure payment gateway and POS integration.”

At Cxrus Solutions, we always strive to transform the way businesses operate to make it better with technology. For businesses that sell tickets, we develop a real-time online ticketing solution that makes it so much easier to manage ticket sales and operations.


Our ticketing solution is designed with performance in mind – to ensure it is always available and responsive. It also comes with a ticket inventory management system and powered by our safe and secure payment gateway.


Over the years, we have successfully implemented our ticketing solution for cinema operators and event organizers, which include integration with their point of sales (POS) hardware. Together with a mobile version that runs on tablets and smartphones, our ticketing solution is essentially a convenient, on-the-go POS.


Specifically, our ticketing solution includes:

  • Virtual Point of Sale
  • Inventory Management
  • Transactions Report
  • POS Hardware Integration