Video Analytics

Video Analytics

“We provide a video analytics solution that offers comprehensive and actionable analytics for your brick-and-mortar business.”

Most organizations implement analytics in their online presence, and for good reason — it provides them with valuable metrics they can act on to achieve the best results. With our video analytics solution, you can now have the same comprehensive and actionable analytics for your brick-and-mortar business.


Analytics for offline premise is made possible by our breakthrough technology that analyzes streams of video footage in real-time from strategically installed cameras. The ability to quantify your offline operations empowers you to make better operational and marketing decisions.


At Cxrus Solutions, we believe the future lies in bridging the online and offline gap. By integrating our video analytics solution with our conventional web analytics services, we are able to provide a complete business intelligence solution that enables you to capitalize on the power of data for your business success.


Specifically, our video analytics solution is able to provide the following metrics:

  • visitor demographics
  • visitor traffic flow
  • premises occupancy
  • time spent on-premise
  • identifying repeat customers
  • entry rate and serving rate of queue
  • individual queue waiting time, and more