Trakomatic Analyses 61,000,000 Pieces of Video Information A Day with Dell Solutions

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To analyse huge amount of data generated by large number of videos, Cxrus Solutions has helped Trakomatic to design a robust infrastructure using Dell Solutions, capable of analysing the large dataset generated. Today, Trakomatic is analysing more than 61,000,000 pieces of information daily, to help many businesses to optimize the retail experiences.

Changing the Face of the Internet of Things

Since the Internet came into existence in the 1960s, it has connected billions of people around the world and become a huge part of our everyday lives. Over the years, computer chips have been able to do more and more, while costing less and less. Gone are the days when it was a luxury simply for a household to own one PC. Now, computers are all around us – in our smartphones, smart watches, televisions, headphones and a host of other everyday objects.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase "Internet of Things" (or IoT for short) more than a few times. Here’s what you need to know about IoT and how the field of Video Analytics is transforming it.

What exactly is IoT?

Sensors and machines are connected over the internet, enabling them to communicate with each other and with us. The possibilities are endless – from smart homes, where lighting and heating can be controlled via a smartphone application, to smart cities.

Why is there so much hype over IoT?

The real value of the Internet of Things lies in the data that we are able to collect, interpret and analyse. With increasing manpower costs, technology can act as an extra pair of eyes, giving factual information and insights about shoppers at stores by leveraging on existing sensors and machines. In fact, McKinsey Global Institute predicts that IoT applications could see a potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion annually by 2025.

How will video analytics change things?

Data from video is often more valuable than data from low-complexity sensors such as motion detectors. For example, a motion detector would help retailers track the number of visitors entering and leaving the store, but video data from the store CCTV would be able to provide more detailed and sophisticated information such as demographic data.

The first CCTV system was installed in 1949. Since then, there are now more than 245 million CCTV systems active and operational globally. Leveraging on the omnipresence of video technology, Trakomatic is a fast growing start-up that aims to digitize retail space and provide an incredible online and offline shopping experience for shoppers. Their clients include 7-ELEVEn, BATA Singapore and RISIS. These clients, while operating in different industries, have all benefitted from Trakomatic’s solutions for improving processes and core business KPIs.

Trakomatic’s innovative software runs on Dell hardware and servers, which are able to handle more than 61,000,000 pieces of information a day. Here’s how Trakomatic is transforming IoT with video analytics and creating better retail experiences.

  1. Crowd and queue management

    Insights derived from analysing overhead CCTV include crowd path and density statistics, customer in-store movements and tracking of visitors between retailers or branches.
    It is also possible to track a visitor’s journey path and crowd heat maps. Clients are able to use all this information to improve their efficiency and shorten queues and waiting times for customers.

  2. Walking trail analysis

    Trakomatic is also able to provide retailers with information such as people counting, frequency of entry or exit in a specified area, visitor and footfall statistics, walk-by vs. walk-ins, peak hour identification as well as conversion and transaction ratios. With this information, clients can make better decisions about the design of their storefronts and product displays.

  3. Demographics and visitor base measurement

    By analysing facial characteristics captured in CCTV footage, Trakomatic provides clients with a breakdown of visitors’ age, gender and ethnicity over time, enabling better customisation and personalisation. The software is also able to distinguish between repeat and new visitors and recognise unique visitors.

  4. Product engagement and inventory management

    Clients are able to gain insights on shopper and consumer behaviour by measuring product engagement, as well as dwell and engagement time. By examining how often customers pick up products and how often they purchase the products, clients are able to make better decisions. For example, data showing that a product that is picked up often but rarely purchased might be an indication that the product is priced too high.

  5. Manpower efficiency and optimization

    Trakomatic’s solutions also include insights that help clients optimise manpower. With information on queue time and flow, individual customer wait time, time spent by visitors on-premises and POS analysis, clients can make predictions about the manpower needed at particular days and times.

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