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Technology is an ever-evolving landscape. Just a few years ago, we’ve witnessed several disruptive technologies that changed the way businesses work forever – including yours.

In 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and started the mobile revolution. With the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets, there are more devices connected to your network today than ever before. Is your infrastructure built to handle the extra load? Is your website today mobile-friendly? Does your company’s network support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

Amazon was founded in the mid-90s as an online bookstore. But ten years later, they offered one of the first commercial web service that allows individuals to rent and run servers in their massive data centers. Today, cloud computing has enabled corporations to save millions of dollars in capital expenditures while improving customer experience. SMEs are even running their entire company on the cloud without an IT administrator!

And then there is the rise of Linux adoption in the enterprise, the emergence of social media, the continuous growth of E-Commerce, the ever-changing Google SEO algorithms…we can go on and on, but you get the point.

We live in a technology-centric world – where technology evolution can easily make or break your business. The question is – are you benefiting from the evolution, or struggling to cope with it?

At Cxrus Solutions, we’re a bunch of geeks who live and breathe technology. And through this blog, we bring you the latest news and insights on technology that will impact your business, and ultimately, your profits.

So yeah, thanks for dropping by and a big welcome from the team at Cxrus Solutions!

Welcome to the official blog of Cxrus Solutions

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