We provide one of the finest and most complete E-Commerce solution in the market today that is fully customizable to suit your business needs. Our fully integrated solution supports data exchange with various enterprise systems, including ERP, SCM, CRM and more.

Enterprise Web Application

We deliver Enterprise-grade web applications that are tailor made to accomplish your business goals. We develop a full range of applications, from basic microsites to fully integrated solutions with customized front-end and back-end systems.

Cloud Practices

We provide cloud and virtual infrastructure consulting services to design the best cloud strategy for you. We implement the best practices of cloud computing – whether it is for a new infrastructure design, or migrating an existing infrastructure to the cloud.

Enterprise Linux

We provide a complete Enterprise Linux solution to power your business applications. We have extensive experience in this area, as the longest serving Red Hat Advanced Business Partner in Singapore, and was awarded as Red Hat Best Partner in ASEAN in 2011 and 2012.


Cxrus Solutions.

Pronounced as Cyrus : sy·rus/ sigh-rus/ sahy-ruh s

Noun : the great; from an Old Persian word meaning “throne”

We are a BizSafe3 certified organization.