Serverless Architecture

“We help to develop serverless architecture solutions to fulfill your business objectives”

Serverless architecture is the execution of business logics in an environment where virtual machines, operating systems or processes are managed by the cloud service provider and/or integrating with services such as API gateway, web services and FaaS (Function-as-a-Service). The approach removes most of the responsibilities of provisioning and managing these resources, allowing the developers to focus on the business logics and improving the services / products quality. By making use of SaaS from the service providers to avoid reinventing wheel for authorization, image processing etc., a business can reduce the implementation effort and have a faster time to market its services / products.

We have experience developing solutions based on serverless architecture to fulfill your business objectives and at the same time, helps you to save hosting cost and allowing you to channel your resources on features and user experience to satisfy the customers.

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